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From the NASW Colorado Chapter
Social Work Update
                                                               September 8, 2017  |  Stay Current on Crucial Info to the Profession 


NASW Statement on DACA

The National Association of Social Workers strongly opposes President Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and will work with allied organizations and Congress to continue protections for young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children. President Trump’s decision to revoke DACA dismays us. The order is cruel, unwise and unjustified and could lead to a mass deportation of some 800,000 young people. There is little doubt that DACA has been a successful program during its five years of existence. DACA recipients or “Dreamers” have significantly contributed to the growth of our local state and national economies. More than 91 percent of Dreamers are employed. They have also demonstrated their patriotism by joining the American military – some have even sacrificed their lives for this nation. Abolishing DACA would end Dreamers’ pathway to citizenship and disrupt thousands of families. Many Dreamers grew up in the United States, arriving here at age six or younger. So it would be cruel to send them to countries they barely remember or where they do not know the language. That the administration is postponing implementation of its DACA executive action for six months to give Congress time to pass bipartisan DACA legislation provides little consolation. Given the many urgent international and national priorities facing Congress, there are no guarantees that Congress will have the time to write and pass a DACA bill in the next six months. As a result, mass deportations of Dreamers are likely. However, given that President Trump has punted DACA to Congress, the House and the Senate now have a responsibility to make passage of the Dream Act an immediate priority. Many Democrat and Republican lawmakers opposed President Trump’s DACA executive action. NASW expects this bipartisan group will take a lead in quickly introducing and moving a bill through both houses of Congress. Therefore, NASW will hold Congress accountable for developing an effective policy for DACA recipients that will avoid chaotic disorder in the lives of DACA recipients and their families. NASW is also working with partner organizations to oppose President Trump’s decision to revoke DACA and is urging its members and the wider social work community to get involved in local and national activities to protect DACA. NASW also plans to update its members about DACA-related legislation as it moves through Congress and to alert members when we need for them to take action.

Student Representative Openings on NASW-CO Board of Directors

NASW-CO has two Student Representative positions open on our Board of Directors. The term is a one-year commitment. We meet severaltimes a year as a whole Board, and our first meeting is October 8th. We have an opening for one BSW Student and one Graduate Student representative. If you are interested, please first consult with your Student Association/Council of Social Work Students as they typically make the recommendations for these positions. Also please send a short email to by September 22, 2017 about why you are interested in the position and a little bit about your background. 

Free Webinar 

The Denver Office of Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will be hosting a special FREE webinar on HRSA Overview and HRSA Grant Programs for Region VIII states (includes Colorado). This FREE Webinar is designed for behavioral health partners and stakeholders who wish to learn more about HRSA programs and fundingopportunities, and how to approach the grant application.The webinar will be held on Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 11:00 am-12:00 pm (Mountain Time). To join the webinar, Click on the Link and Use the Dial-In information below: Link: Dial-In: 800-857-9716; Participant Passcode: 6086132 No registration is required. For questions, contact

CPD Required for Renewal

As part of the Social Work license renewal process, licensees must complete 40 Professional Development Hours every two years. See more info on the CPD page of Chapter website.

A recorded CPD Info Session is now offered by the Chapter FREE to NASW members and $75 to non-members. Register for or Purchase the Info Session download here.

Update on Mandatory Disclosure

HB 17-1011 became effective on July 1, 2017. It requires that any complaint filed with DORA against a mental health professional alleging a maintenance-of-records violation must be commenced within 7 years after the alleged act or failure to act giving rise to the complaint. Mental health professionals must give notice to former  and current clients that records may not be retained after the 7-year period. Complaints subject to the 7-year filing period must be resolved by the agency within 2 years after the date the complaint was filed.

The Chapter Practice Standards Committee is working on an updated sample Mandatory Disclosure form to reflect this change. It will be announced in this newsletter soon.



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