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Jurisprudence Exam Help
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As of November 2012, DORA updated the Jurisprudence Exam.  The content is new and it is offered on line only.  If you took the Jurisprudence Exam previous to Nov 2012 and are applying for a NEW license (not renewal of a license) then you will need to retake the Jurisprudence Exam. 

The following info is meant as a guide for the Colorado Jurisprudence Exam given through DORA for licensure.  This guide is not intended to be all-inclusive of topics covered on the Exam, as NASWCO has no direct access or knowledge of the exam.  The guide is based on deduction and guesswork given our understanding of CO statute and DORA Rules that effect social workers.  For official information directly from DORA on the Jurisprudence exam see the links provided.


Exam Resources & Links:

Statute:  Mental Health Practice Act, CRS Title 12-43.  See DORA website  or LexisNexis.

  • Disclosure of Confidential Info  -  CRS12-43-218
  • Mandatory Disclosure  -  CRS12-43-214
  • Prohibited Activities  -  CRS12-43-222
  • DORA Board Duties  -  CRS12-43-203
  • Disciplinary Proceedings  -  CRS12-43-224
  • Social Work section  -  CRS12-43-Part 4

DORA Board:  Social Work Rules and Regulations

  • Records Requried & Record Retention - Rule 16, page 18

DORA Board:  Social Work Practice Policy(s)

  • Teletherapy  -  30-1, page 8
  • Dual Relationships  -  30-2, page 9

Statute: Care & Treatment of Persons with Mental Illness (CRS Title 27-65)

  • Emergency Procedure (72-hour hold)  -  CRS 27-65-105
  • Who May Effect a 72-hour Hold  -   see CRS 27-65-105, part II, A thru E
  • Age of Consent to Mental Health Treatment  -  CRS 27-65-103 (2)

Statute:  Childrens Code (CRS Title 19)

  • Persons Required to Report Child Abuse & Neglect  -  CRS 19-3-304


NASW Resources:

NASW:  Code of Ethics and  Standards of Practice

NASW Colorado Chapter:  Practice Guidelines



Jurisprudence Exam Overview - Instructions from DORA

Jurisprudence Exam - IQT User Guide and Exam Registration


The Chapter also sponsors Jurisprudence Exam Info Sessions throughout the year.  For further info and to RSVP go to chapter events/calendar.


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